Taco Bell To Serve Alcohol?

Fox 5 News

Live in the D.C. area?

Do you enjoy Taco Bell on a late night when there’s nothing else to eat?

Would you enjoy even more or at all if we told you they were serving alcohol?

Yep, you read that right!

A Taco Bell restaurant in Old Town Alexandria is said to be the first location in Washington D.C. to begin serving alcohol to customers. Doors opened back in December just before Christmas.

This specific location, along with a few others, are said to be extra special. They are being called ‘Cantinas’ because other than their regular menu, the cantina locations will provide your choice of beer and alcohol. Plans for this location were approved back in March of last year.

More than 300 Taco Bell locations have reportedly been allowed to sell alcoholic beverages since their approval back in 2017. Their main attractions have been towards the big cities such as Boston, New York, and even Las Vegas where one location offers a wedding package.

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