Atlanta Security Guard Arrested Following The Shooting Of Liquor Thief

A shooting occurred just last night involving a liquor store security guard and a thief. The security guard is now facing charges after last night’s arrest. Atlanta police spokesman Officer Jarius Daugherty released a statement last night of the whole ordeal.

Neither have had their names released as of yet.

Just a little while before 11 p.m. last night, a man reportedly stole alcohol from Tower Beer, Wine, and Spirits on Piedmont Road. The thief was confronted by the guard when the physical altercation took place.

Despite the altercation, the man still managed to escape the confines of the guard with the alcohol, but not without the guard’s surrender. The guard allegedly chased the thief with his car and shot at him. Despite him asking the thief for the alcohol back and the thief complying, the security guard allegedly fired more shots to the ground, prompting the thief to run off yet again.

He is said to have been shot in the elbow.

The guard was arrested for reckless conduct, discharging a gun within city limits, and aggravated assault.

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