Surveillance Cameras In New Orleans’ Bars?


Beau Evans

If you’ve ever been to the French Quarter, then you should know all about their bar and drink selections. You would also know how hectic it can be in the late hours of the night, as plenty throughout the city are known for having one too many.

Someone mildly drunk is bound to be a danger to someone else or even themselves. Considering the near 150 murders throughout the city area this past year, it’s no shock that government officials were trying to find a way to keep an eye on all the riff-raff that came across the city.

Now officials may have figure out a way to resolve their situation. Recent talk has been coming across the idea that an increase in surveillance cameras may do the trick, but seem to have been turned down on more than one occasion.

As of recently, however, the idea has been called back to the table with a drawback. The most revised version of this plan is only deeming surveillance cameras necessary for problem areas, or bars that catch the most attention of having violated multiple rules and regulations.

As the ordinance has once again been considered, it has not sat well with city bars and local alcohol outlets in New Orleans. The request comes along with a series of new plans that will require more loose planning in their effort of cracking down on the violent affects of alcohol, including requirements for submitting neighborhood complaints and stronger powers for the mayor and police to suspend alcohol permits at problematic businesses.

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