Happy New Year From Cocktail Chronicles

As we bring 2018 to a close, it would be a mistake if we did not acknowledge the excellent work that has taken place this year with our precious creation.

It has been a long 12 months, filled with many complicated days, but also some really good ones. We wanted to take the time to thank all those that helped make Cocktail Chronicles possible this year. To all of those involved in production and making sure we had a show to watch every Tuesday night, and to those who could keep us up to date with the best news in alcohol.

But it would be the greatest regret if we did not take the time to acknowledge the man himself, Je’ Wesley! He has put in a lot of hard hours these past few years, not just as a host, producer or a bartender, but as a man, and he is ending his year off on a positive note.

And thank you to all of our fans. Your views mean the world, as do your opinions. We ask that you stay safe tonight, have plenty of fun, and that you start your New Year off right. Happy sipping, and Happy New Year!

SEE YOU IN 2019!