Yellow Tail’s $5 Million SuperBowl Ad

Shanken News Daily

Daniel Marsteller

Yellow Tail Wine will be making its return in between the biggest event of February: Superbowl 53!

After its showoff last year, Yellow Tail became the first wine brand to be advertised in the Super Bowl, and has since been on the rise in sales all year. Since the ad’s success, they will be looking forward to returning to their slot for a third time next on February 3rd of 2019.

Chief Marketing Officer Iain Douglas says:

“The improved sales and brand metrics are strong indicators that the Super Bowl ads and supporting programming we ran the past two years have had a positive impact.”

The nearly $6 million ad will be showcased to an estimated 100 million viewers that night. This will be considered the biggest portion of Yellow Tail’s media budget, which is already $10 million annually.

The ad is said to include videos from fans who drink the wine. If anyone is still interested, Yellow Tail fans can submit short videos through social media. There will also be a grand-prize winner that will receive a paid vacation to their “happy place” and will be asked to be recorded on that vacation to be viewed by 1.3 million people.

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