Do You Know How To Open Champagne?

Today News

Katie Jackson

2019 is just around the corner, and there’s no doubt that there will be men and women everywhere popping bottles at the stroke of midnight. The question is how many people actually know how to do just that?
Serena Carl, who is a known Curator of Wine at QT Hotel Sydney in Sydney, Australia, stopped by the Today show recently to provide viewers and fans with tips on how to properly open and serve those special bottles for those special occasions.

“Point the bottle away from your face and keep your thumb on the cork, at all times!” Carl says, stressing that the first important factor of opening champagne is safety. There have been hundreds of documented eye injuries annually. Carl also advises that the bottle is chilled prior to consumption.
“Even though the ‘pop’ of a cork flying represents a Champagne celebration, it’s messy… it also means the Champagne is warmer than it should be.” Researchers recommend that bottles be chilled up to 45 degrees and that champagne does not need to be extremely cold to be consumed. However, it is said that the colder the bottle, the much easier it would be to handle the cork.

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