December 26


How Coffee And Alcohol Will Affect You In This Cold Weather

Inquisitr News

Alisha McKinney

There’s no doubt that you haven’t had a least one cup of something warm since this cold weather has hit, whether its coffee, cocoa, even alcohol. As great as the feeling might be, Wall Street Journal warns what is really happening to your body once the drinks hit your system.

Although people relate shivers, sneezing, and coughing to being cold in the wintertime, this is actually the body’s way of keeping it at the right temperature and keeping it warm. Technically, consuming a cup of coffee on a cold day actually counteractivates the body’s ability to keep itself warm. According to Alan Hedge, the director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory at Cornell University, things such as urination of said warm drink causes the body to lose heat overtime. This is just drinks that have no alcohol in them.

Some are also under the impression that alcohol helps keep the cold weather out of the way, and those affects are so much worse. Mistaken for warmth, alcohol is actually causing your blood vessels to dilate. If you’re in the cold and drinking alcohol long enough, it could cause hypothermia.

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