Settlement Reached Following Virginia College Fraternity Hazing


Tyra Whitney

The New Year is approaching fast, and we can only hope that as college students go into their Spring semester, that they play it safe when participating in school-sanctioned events and activities. A lawsuit from Hampden-Sydney College recently closed with a $2.35 million settlement made by two parents whose son died almost two years ago.

Harrison Carter Cole was 18 years old when he attended a party at Hampden-Sydney back in March of 2017. He was found dead in his dorm room the following morning. Upon further investigation following the discovery of his death, it was found that Cole participated in excessive drinking in relation to hazing events for Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity. Cole reportedly threw up multiple times and received no help, support, or medical attention following the event.

To read the family’s statement, please do not hesitate to click here.