Treasure Price DUI Arrest


Moriba Cummings

Former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Treasure Price was arrested the other night for driving under the influence. Price, who had a brief stint on the reality show, was pulled over by the authorities after she ran a red light. That’s when one of the officers claimed that Price reeked of alcohol. After failing her sobriety test, she was arrested for a DUI, reckless driving, and failure to obey authorities. Price, however, claims she actually did pass her sobriety test, as she allegedly only had a shot of vodka and a martini when she went out.

Following her arrest, Price claims that she was treated unfairly by the police once they recognized her from LHHA. While one officer claims to have had to come to an abrupt stop after someone riding a bicycle came out of nowhere, Price was under the impression that the officer stepped on their brake on purpose. Price had to be taken to the hospital after complaints of pain in the chest and face.

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