Singing Artist Amara La Negra Celebrates Diversity With Skyy Vodka

Spirit Business

Niccola Carruthers

In 2018, singer and activist Amara La Negra has been highly regarded in her fearlessness and advocacy for her family’s heritage. Following her most controversial taping on the show Love and Hip Hop: Miami in which she is bullied by a local Miami producer about her image, La Negra has been more than vocal about her culture as an Afro-Latina. Recently, she has just been given the perfect platform to do so. She has partnered with Skyy Vodka and Campari Group on a campaign to discover the “values on which America was founded.”

La Negra’s video is called Serving Individuality which will celebrate her version of the American Dream. The singer gives a great narrative regarding her mother’s immigration to the United States form the Dominican Republic and feels that she and her mother’s story will give great recognition to the conversation about colorism not just in America, but around the world. La Negra says:

“To me, celebration is the opposite of ignorance. So, when we come together to celebrate diversity, we do more than just accept it, we embrace it and validate all the things that make us unique. I’m proud to lend my voice to Skyy Vodka’s Proudly American campaign, which celebrates our differences and how they unite us as a country.”

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