Smirnoff Said To Have Trolled Trump in Vodka Ad

Snopes News

Dan Evon

Apparently, alcohol can play in politics just as well as other industries. Smirnoff’s most recent ad is said to have been a play on politics as it relates to no. 45 himself, Mister Donald Trump. The ad was reportedly first seen back in the summer but has since gained recognition once the focus was shifted to the quote next to the bottle that read:

“Made in America…but we’d be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under oath.”

It first caught attention back in June of 2017, when Trump was initially being investigated and pressured by the public to testify under oath pertaining to his alleged alliance with Russia and its president.

Despite those who had reservations with the ad and did not appreciate the creativity in which the message came from, the Global Head of Beer Mark Sandys said the ad has received an enormous amount of positive reviews.

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