A French Bartender’s Take on Cognac


Emily Saladino

Despite the 6.4 million cases of Cognac imported to America in 2017, some have a hard time with the specialty drink as it pertains to consumption, occasion, and pairing. But it’s nothing to worry about in this instance because French bartender Germain Canto from (of all places) Cognac, France was involved in an interview.  “I want people to be less scared of Cognac and what it represents,” he told Vinepair news.

Canto begins with the history of Cognac as being a very popular addition to cocktails prior to the Prohibition era. He accounts the fact that Cognac is often found in a glass all by itself nowadays versus being mixed with anything else. As far as being paired with food, Canto personally enjoys pairing the broad category of alcohol with his dinner as a replacement for wine. He notes that most Cognac is arranged by age, varying from VS (2 years), VSOP (4 years), to Extra Cold (10 years).

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