PepsiCo Welcomes Bubly Fountain

CSP Daily News

Alaina Lancaster

Step aside, Lacroix! There is a new sparkling water in town! PepsiCo came out with a new production of calorie-free sparkling water earlier this year known as Bubly. They were first introduced to the public through two commercial ads that played during the Oscars. It was said to be making $100 million in revenue, and as of the beginning of December, is the top-selling sparkling water on Amazon this year. It’s a great improvement for sparkling water in general since sales for the drink have gone up  19% since 2016.

Consumers have enjoyed more than one flavor of Bubly, from grapefruit and lime to mango and strawberry. Soon, PepsiCo Global Foodservice will be releasing a four-valve fountain that gives insight to producers regarding the preferences of Bubly to their consumers.

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