Diageo Builds New Distillery In Kentucky


Associated Press

Does the name Diageo ring any bells for you? No? What about Hennessy and United Spirits? Well if those seem to cross your mind, then you should know that Diageo is the company that supplies those special drinks to you. Until recently, it was the biggest alcohol distillery in the whole world, and it looks like they are attempting to gain that power back. Diageo will soon be opening up a new distillery for production in Kentucky.

The company has put $130 million into this project and will be building a series of warehouses throughout Marion County. Diageo is attempting to grow their bourbon and whiskey ventures in the near future and feels that this is the first step in taking that journey. This new distillery will help raise production with its brother corporations, Stitzel-Weller and Bulleit. However, don’t start looking for production any time soon. Diageo will not open its new doors until 2021.

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