Dallas Nightclub Found Negligent In Dallas Cowboys Player’s Death

Cision News

Aldous/Walker LLP

Beamers Nightclub was found guilty just hours ago for negligence in a wrongful death lawsuit. The club, along with the VIP section of it called the Private Club, and other parties were found responsible for having served too many drinks to Dallas Cowboys football players Josh Brent and Jerry Brown. Jerry Brown died in a car accident as a result of Josh Brent’s DWI.

Beamers Nightclub reportedly served more than 14 drinks to Brent back in 2012. That would have been two times over the legal limit when Brent and Brown got into their accident. Evidence proved that employees from the nightclub constantly brought drinks back and forth from the VIP section to their high-profile guests. They even allowed the two men to leave the club extremely intoxicated.

Josh Brent’s mother has received $25 million as a result of the lawsuit.

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