Coca-Cola Taking It Slow With Business Deals In The Coming New Year


Amelia Lucas

Coca-Cola Company has made a pretty good handful of deals this 2018, but CEO James Qunicey is not so sure that he can match those numbers for next year. Quincey recently had an interview with CNBC’s Sara Eisen and spoke on not pushing his luck too far and paying attention to deals the business has already taken on before reaching for anything else. “We’ve got to absorb the ones we’ve invested in 2018 but [the] experience will tell you that they just don’t come up at that sort of rhythm,” he said.

Coca-Cola’s net worth has grown to a $209.8 billion industry, and shares of the company have already gone up 7%. The corporation recently just entered a $5.1 billion contract with Costa Chain British Coffee and is expected to close the deal officially by the start of 2019. Coca-Cola’s coffee chain will produce 3,800 stores worldwide once the deal has been made official. There is no word yet on when Costa stores will make their way to the United States.

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