New Female-Led Cocktails Brands

Biz Journals

Caitlin Mullen

Not many pay too much attention to who is behind a bottle’s brand when it comes to drinks, but it’s crazy to think that women make up 85% of the decided drinks being bought, but less than half of that number are involved in the business of drinks behind the scenes. We may be looking at a change in those numbers once the New Year begins.

Sisters Jill Burns and Kelly Gasink have just made their first steps towards that change. The familiar duo came out with their drink, Austin Cocktails, back in 2014. Now, these women will be leading $100 million corporate venture project with the company known as Constellation Brands. It’s being called the Focus on Female Founders Project. The project is here to help promote gender and racial diversity in the effort of alcohol branding and promotion. The project was funded to go on through 2028 in efforts of promoting all female-led drinks.

Bill Newlands, the CEO of Constellation Brands, recently acknowledged the lack of women involved in the production of alcohol. “I don’t think there are enough products that are made and developed with women in mind. The marketing that has largely occurred has focused on men — that’s particularly true in beer.”

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