Celebrity Sips: Stars With Successful Alcohol Brands

Us Weekly Magazine

Samantha Leffler

Would you be interested in buying a new drink if your favorite celebrity was behind its label? Today, we will be taking a look at Hollywood’s A-listers and their investment in the bottle. Whether she’s an actress or he’s a rapper, someone may catch your eye with their new brand.

Although already widely known, it would be the ultimate display of disrespect if we didn’t pay homage to the man we know started it all: Sean “P Diddy” Combs. Having already made his claim to fame for creating the hottest record label around, Combs made no intention of stopping at just Bad Boy Records. Just 11 years ago, back in 2007, Sean Combs created Ciroc Vodka. The brand went from selling 50,000 cases to now a reported 2 million. The net worth as of last year has grown to $820 million. Diddy showed so much success with his new bottles that in 2014, he reportedly came out with a second drink, DeLeon Tequila.

Another rapper is not too far behind Diddy’s footsteps in the alcohol business either. Aubrey Graham, who we all know as Drake, made his own investment in 2016. The “Nice For What” rapper launched his own whiskey brand just two years ago called Virginia Black. According to Forbes Magazine,  Drake made a reported $90 million off of the brand alone. Virginia Black was reportedly becoming public as of this year. Some may have also seen his commercial with Drake alongside his father, Dennis Graham back in May of last year.

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