Trial of Suit Against Club That Served Alcohol to Dallas Cowboys Player Begins

Dallas News

Jennifer Emily

A trial in Dallas began today pertaining to the lawsuit against Beamers Nightclub. Beamers Nightclub is being held responsible by the prosecution for the DWI death of Dallas Cowboys football player Jerry Brown.

Jerry Brown died back in December of 2012 when he and his best friend and teammate Josh Brent were impaired from excessive drinking after a night out on the town. Brent was behind the wheel with Brown as a passenger when Brent was speeding at 110 mph on 45 mph zone. When the Mercedes flipped over, Brown, who was not wearing a seatbelt, fell on top of Brent, which protected him from any excessive injuries. Brent was said to have had an alcohol level of 0.18, which given his weight, would have indicated that he had 17 standard drinks that evening. It was noted that Brent refused profusely that he did not want to name the bar in which he and Brown were drinking.

Despite this lawsuit, Brent was held accountable for Brown’s death and was charged with intoxication manslaughter. He was given 10 years probation. Brown’s mother made it clear that she would not hold a grudge and that she forgave Brent for the accident. However, the club and management were never held responsible.

It was said that both Brent and Brown, along with other friends, were given multiple champagnes bottles in the VIP section of the nightclub. Prosecution attorneys noted in their opening statements that the law hold bars responsible for overserving intoxicated consumers. It is extremely illegal to serve drunk customers.


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