Controversial School Alcohol Bill Being Observed

IOL News

Athina May

The Western Cape in Africa may be observing a new amendment soon as it may become the first province to sell and consume alcohol during school events.

Last month, the School Education Amendment bill was not willing to be heard at any public hearings. However, the bill will now be passed onto a second reading debate in the legislature. Although it is a conversation that has just recently begun, the bill has already created a divide amongst legislation and the public.

The public has made it clear that alcohol in schools is unnecessary and would in no way benefit a child’s education or livelihood. It was pretty shocking to them how the bill even received approval to become a bill in the first place. Many are acknowledging the fact the legislation is disregarding and disrespecting the public for presenting the bill to schools in the first place.

So far, only 83 of 1400 schools throughout Western Cape have decided to adopt the bill.

What do you think? Could America follow behind next and adopt this bill?

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