Ocean-Spray Being Sued

American Council on Science & Health

Alex Berezow

There are still many people in the world who are undergoing the debate of artificial flavors and natural juices, and the center of the controversy is now making its way to the courtroom.

Ocean-Spray Company, who is widely known for their distribution of cranberry juice and other similar flavors, are facing a lawsuit from a party in Massachusetts. Ocean Spray is being accused of fraud and negligent misrepresentation of its product, claiming that there are no artificial flavors inside there product, despite the prosecution saying something different.

The center of this controversy is a compound known as malic acid. Malic acid is known to be formed by two different versions: D-malic acid and L-malic acid. Although L-malic acid is more natural and is known to be used for sour green apples, D-malic acid is not. When these two versions are combined, it technically does not make Ocean Spray products 100% natural.


So, how seriously do you take your natural and artificial flavors?

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