Atlanta Experiences Water Outage

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

J.D. Capelouto

The city of Atlanta experienced a water crisis beginning earlier this morning and should be expected to last until Tuesday evening. City residents said they have experienced low water pressure while others say they have had no water at all. The Hemphill Water Treatment Plant and Pumping Station were said to have lost control of its reign during their morning routine maintenance check and therefore Atlanta experienced its loss in a major resource.

Although management reported back to residents Monday afternoon to mention that water power was restored, officials still urged the city of Atlanta to remain loyal to drinking water from the bottle or carton. Citizens were advised to even boil water prior to drinking, cooking, cleaning, or washing your body, face, or teeth. Restaurants were forced to only serve bottled water or beverages in the area, while the Georgia Capitol and the Atlanta Public Schools had no water at all.

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