Louisiana Sports Coach Arrested

The New Orleans Advocate

Chad Calder

As we head into the new year soon, we are still needing to find new ways to protect our children from the worst kinds of people. 46-year-old Allen Joseph, from Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, pleaded guilty to three counts of juvenile delinquency and indecent behavior last week.

The Metairie youth sports coach was being accused of serving alcohol to minors and also inviting them over to his residence for parties and “beer pong”. The drink was said to be chocolate milk spiked with vodka and Joseph allowed the children to become heavily intoxicated. Despite Allen Joseph speaking on his innocence of ever having been sexually involved with anyone, there was also said to be “spooning” involved with the coach and some of the other boys. These activities were discovered through social media by one of the boys’ mothers.

Joseph was arrested back in August of last year.


To see what sentence he will be serving, please click here.