Monthly Archives: December 2018

December 31

Happy New Year From Cocktail Chronicles

As we bring 2018 to a close, it would be a mistake if we did not acknowledge the excellent work that has taken place this year with our precious creation. It has been a long 12 months, filled with many complicated days, but also some really good ones. We wanted to take the time to […]

December 30

Yellow Tail’s $5 Million SuperBowl Ad

Shanken News Daily Daniel Marsteller Yellow Tail Wine will be making its return in between the biggest event of February: Superbowl 53! After its showoff last year, Yellow Tail became the first wine brand to be advertised in the Super Bowl, and has since been on the rise in sales all year. Since the ad’s […]

December 29

Dry January- A Month Without Alcohol?

Times Now News Are you planning to cancel out the bottle when the New Year hits? Can you think of the last time you went longer than a day without alcohol? Do you think it would be possible for you to do? Well, it looks as if some took the opportunity to see if they […]

December 28

Do You Know How To Open Champagne?

Today News Katie Jackson 2019 is just around the corner, and there’s no doubt that there will be men and women everywhere popping bottles at the stroke of midnight. The question is how many people actually know how to do just that? Serena Carl, who is a known Curator of Wine at QT Hotel Sydney in Sydney, […]

December 26

How Coffee And Alcohol Will Affect You In This Cold Weather

Inquisitr News Alisha McKinney There’s no doubt that you haven’t had a least one cup of something warm since this cold weather has hit, whether its coffee, cocoa, even alcohol. As great as the feeling might be, Wall Street Journal warns what is really happening to your body once the drinks hit your system. Although […]

December 23

Settlement Reached Following Virginia College Fraternity Hazing

WRIC News Tyra Whitney The New Year is approaching fast, and we can only hope that as college students go into their Spring semester, that they play it safe when participating in school-sanctioned events and activities. A lawsuit from Hampden-Sydney College recently closed with a $2.35 million settlement made by two parents whose son died […]

December 23

‘Tis The Season To These Drinks!

The Manual Sam Slaughter It’s two days until Christmas time! Hopefully, you already have your presents, the tree, and the food (That is unless someone else hasn’t already taken on that responsibility.). But if you haven’t already taken a look at our last article about states that won’t be selling alcohol for the holidays, then […]

December 22

Treasure Price DUI Arrest

BET Moriba Cummings Former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Treasure Price was arrested the other night for driving under the influence. Price, who had a brief stint on the reality show, was pulled over by the authorities after she ran a red light. That’s when one of the officers claimed that Price reeked of […]

December 21

States Increase Limit On Alcohol Sales For the Holidays

Fortune Chris Morris It’s not uncommon at all if someone wants a drink or two during the holidays, and with just a few days left until Christmas, there is no doubt that alcohol for the adults while kids run around and open presents hasn’t crossed your mind. But it would be in our best interest […]

December 21

Singing Artist Amara La Negra Celebrates Diversity With Skyy Vodka

Spirit Business Niccola Carruthers In 2018, singer and activist Amara La Negra has been highly regarded in her fearlessness and advocacy for her family’s heritage. Following her most controversial taping on the show Love and Hip Hop: Miami in which she is bullied by a local Miami producer about her image, La Negra has been […]