BodyArmor Taking Over For Powerade?


Darren Rovell

Just two weeks ago, BodyArmor Drinks announced it will be taking over as the sponsored drink for the NCAA. That should show to be a great advantage in their position, as March Madness will be one of the biggest events to date for the company. This means BodyArmor will be taking over in the branding department as well for cups, coolers, and even the water bottles.

Founder and Chairman of BodyArmour, Mike Repole, could not contain his excitement for the new accomplishment and thinks this will be the first step for the company towards becoming the official sports drink not just on the collegiate level, but for official sports programs as well. At the moment, Gatorade is the official drink of the NBA, NFL, and the MLB. Repole’s plan is to take the throne from Gatorade by 2025.

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