Residents in Georgia Have Voted on “Brunch Bill”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Maya Prabhu

It has been nearly a week since the midterm elections that took place last Tuesday. Outside of the debacle of our future leaders of the state and of the world, Georgia had the opportunity to vote on a bill that lets county residents drink alcohol during restaurant’s brunch hours.

Counties such as Fulton, DeKalb, and Chatham all took to their ballots on Tuesday to vote on the best time and setting for alcohol intake on Sundays. Atlanta has already set a regulation for drinks to be served at 12:30pm. However, the “Brunch Bill” is reducing the time restraint by 90 minutes and is requesting for alcohol to start being served at 11:00am instead. Back in 2011, when the Georgia General Assembly put up alcohol retail on Sundays, they set the time to 12:30pm with the intention of never correcting that chosen time, more specifically ensuring that the time would never be set earlier in the future. Almost 50 cities throughout the state of Georgia have gone through the voting process for the bill. Cherokee County was the first to approve of putting the bill to a vote on local ballots. However, other counties will be holding off on their votes until next year.

The State Senator believes that the reduced time will ensure an increase in state revenue by $100 million, as well as an additional $11 million to local and state taxes. If you are in any of those surrounding cities or counties, be sure to look out for the bill’s referendum in the future.

Want to see if your county is on the list being considered for the “Brunch Bill”? Want to read the referendum? Please do not hesitate to click here.