Mass Shooting at California Bar

CBS News

Shots were fired last night at a Thousand Oaks nightclub in California last night.

Officers found at least one dead outside the nightclub when they appeared on the scene after a series of calls reporting there was a shooter on the loose. Reports say that there were about 200 hundred people in the club that night, and by sunrise, it was reported that 13 people died. Of those 13, one was the Sheriff Officer of Ventura County, Geoff Dean. He would have retired from the force next year. Sheriff Dean is survived by his wife and son.

FBI and National Guard followed behind soon after, discovering blood everywhere around the building. Shattered glass covered the floors as well, as patrons recall the loud gunshots that caused them to run and break the windows for escape. Others hid in the restrooms and the attic for refuge. All officers were on-site to start the investigation. They know so far that this was one shooter. Although all accounts say that the gunshots sounded as if they were coming from a semi-automatic, police have only found a handgun. There was also said to be gas bombs thrown at the entrance as a diversion, but no other devices have been found so far. The shooter has been reported as dead from a purposefully self-inflicted bullet. There is no word, however, on the shooter’s motives.

We ask that you please keep the victims and their families in your prayers in light of this most recent tragedy.

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