November 06

New Bar Opening In Topeka

Topeka Capital-Journal

Savanna Maue

A married couple in Topeka, Kansas has successfully achieved their dream of opening their own bar.

Jacques and Chelsea Smith had dreams of opening their own bar initially when they moved to Topeka, and they made no hesitation in their plans when they bought the building back in August. However, the couple wanted to provide more to Studio 62 than just a place for drinks. Although Jacques is the mixologist of the duo, Chelsea is an artist at heart and wanted Studio 62 to be a place for visual artists. But you would not dare call what Chelsea is trying to do a “Sip and Paint”, as she detests the term because she wants the bar to be considered more than that. The bar will also be incorporating poetry and Spoken Word, as she is a firm believer in the written word being just as valuable as the canvas. They would like to be known as the “art bar”.

The Smiths opened the bar literally two days after they bought Studio 62 and shows no signs of slowing down. Rachel says the space is big enough for other events such as receptions, meetings, and anniversaries. Last week, the bar hosted their first king and queen drag show party, and they also plan to host a series of private painting lessons on the weekends.

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