November 05

Who Pops the Most Bottles? The Western US Said to be the Biggest Drinkers

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

31 October 2018

Results of a recent study have shown that United States citizens have been dedicating a bigger amount of their paychecks to alcohol in current years. The Journal of the American Medical Association has statistics proving that America’s alcohol consumption has increased more than 7% since the beginning of the 21st Century. Also, since 2007, many have increased their spending on alcohol by more than $100, despite the average increased cost of wine and liquor being $11. However, upon dividing the country into sections based off of individual and regional spending and consumption, the West is said to have contributed the majority of those numbers.

Out of all majority cities, San Diego, California sits on the throne as the top consumer of alcohol here in the United States, with Seattle, Washington, and San Francisco coming up from behind. San Diego’s average citizen is said to have spent more than $1100 dollars on alcohol alone, which was used for comparison to gas and tobacco. The city has always seen a steady increase in alcohol spending since 2014, back when the average was almost $700.


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