October 30

Orlando Club Being Sued For Serving Alcohol To Minors


Jason Kelly, Field Sutton

Ono Nightclub, found in Orlando, Florida, is facing some trouble as two families are filing a wrongful death suit against the club and holding them responsible for the loss of their two family members.

George Stephan and Gretchen Roberts were both 20 and 19 years old when they were served drinks at Ono back in April of this year. The two were headed back to Seminole County that night, taking a wrong turn on an Interstate and colliding head-on with another car. Although the other car’s driver was only injured, Stephan and Roberts were pronounced dead. Their blood alcohol levels were considered twice the state limit.

Of course, considering their ages, the families of Stephan and Roberts are holding the club responsible for the two getting drunk. However, state regulators claim that they’ve sent agents down to that club twice in two years. The agents were sent based on complaints of alcohol being served to minors in the first place. However, the agents were denied drinks both times. The club has received no complaints since then.

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