October 30

Cocktails & Government: Should Atlanta Brand Its Nightlife? #LikeMiami #LikeVegas #LikeNewYork

 In the 90’s Atlanta and Buckhead were known for its clubs, bars, and restaurants, along with the crowds there.  However, since the fatal stabbing by NFL Player Ray Lewis, Atlanta’s first minority mayor and current president of the Buckhead Coalition, Sam Massell has seen the nightlife through the good and bad. We will discuss should Atlanta have longer pouring hours to compete with conventions in other cities such as Miami, DC, Vegas or New York where bars are open from 4a or 24hours. 


The nightlife has been a top reason that has attracted people to Atlanta.  Therefore, should the City of Atlanta brand its nightlife to attract conferences and employers to be headquartered here?  Are NPU’s giving future owners a hard time to keep Atlanta’s nightlife minimum?  We will also explore how Atlanta’s mayors in the past were considered, Free, Radical or Snake Nation.  


Guests include Atlanta’s first minority mayor, Sam Massell and his book entitled, “Play It Again Sam” and Walter Jordan, CEO of the Dogwood Restaurant Consulting Group.


Mayor Sam Massell


Walter Jordan