October 29

Weed and Wine: Will Liquor Stores Start Selling Marijuana?

Marijuana Moment

Tom Angell

As the United States still decides if marijuana intake should be considered constitutional or not (medically and recreationally), many are getting ahead of themselves, and the law, and starting their own dispensaries for the substance. However, there are some who are finding an easier, more cost-effective way for consumers to buy the substance: selling weed inside of liquor stores.

A group, known as the Last Store on Main Street, is advocating for recreational marijuana to be sold within 2,000 liquor stores across the East Coast. According to the group’s founder Jeff Saunders, this would help better sales of those liquor stores, as wine and alcohol sales are showed to have declined as the rise in marijuana sales skyrockets. The chain of shops believes that this offers cheaper access and more tax revenue for individual businesses that belong to LSMS.

Although this is very convenient, this is only the start of the campaign, as its fate actually rests in the hands of New York Governor Andrew Cuono, who seems to be in full support of making marijuana legal in their state, if not all of America.


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