October 29

Prohibition Party In Effect?

The Fix

Victoria Kim

When alcohol made its returning debut in 1933 as a legal substance in the United States, it sounded as if no one would ever hear of the Prohibition Party ever again. Now, 85 years later, America is now finding out it is still alive and attempting to become in effect all over again.

The reemergence of the party started last year with the leadership of Massachusetts native, Jonathan Makeley, who believes the Prohibition Party could help restore “positive influence” for the state of New York. “[It’s] To promote temperance, to advance policies to deal with the problem of alcohol in our society, and to advance other reforms to help build a better future for the people of New York state”.

The Prohibition Party are also big advocates of the 1920’s Prohibition Era and do not believe that the decade’s end was a failure. In fact, they believe the Prohibition Era back then brought better results in decreasing crime, decreasing drinking rates, and improving other state reforms.

So, what do you think?

Is New York better off without the bottle? Would all of America be better off?

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