October 27

Louisiana Teacher Arrested for Alcohol Storage

News 4/ NBC News

It seems some teachers have found another way to get through a tough day of educating.

Shannon Beran was a 43-year-old elementary school teacher at Buckeye Elementary School in Deville, Louisiana. During dismissal of her students, Beran was said to have been moving very slowly and awkwardly, back and forth between cars as she was one of a group of staff on pick-up duty. When confronted, she complained about her time there at the school and wanted to go home. She was said to have been defensive in her response to the School Resource Officer and was therefore detained soon after.

Soon after, school administration took things into their own hands and launched an investigation into Beran’s belongings and classroom, where a half-empty bag of alcohol was found. Beran was charged with possession of alcohol on public school property and was given a $500 bond following her arrest.

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