October 27

A Lift On Alcohol Deliveries

Justice Victoria Frederick

September 30, 2018

U.S. online grocery stores hit a record high of 17.5 billion dollars in revenue this year and are said to rise to an estimate of 30 billion dollars by 2021. These grocery deliveries in most recent times have included liquor and alcohol… or at least it has tried. Cities like St. Charles, Missouri have attempted to write bills in order to lift the most current ban home deliveries of alcohol and liquor.

Police Chief James Keegan has acknowledged that with growing services such as GrubHub, the growing demand for grocery delivery isn’t in just food and quick meals, but as well as liquor. Some of those services may just be getting ahead of themselves, as St. Charles still prohibits alcohol delivery. Lifting the ban would still require a profuse amount of rules and training if allowed, including deliveries only being made by those over the age of 21 and an accurate list of transactions of all alcohol pickups and drop-offs.

The city of St. Charles is confident, however, that if they can do this right, then other communities will follow suit and this will be done to the fullest extent with no problems whatsoever.