October 23

OU’s Push For Beer

Oklahoma’s News

K. Querry

Many colleges and universities here in the United States often search for their dollar in tuition, housing, and for the good teams, sports events. However, this time next year, the collegiate stadiums may be singing a different tune.

The President of Oklahoma University is currently drafting with the Athletics Department and the Tulsa Board of Regents to see about a test-run and observation of beer sales in concession during sporting events. James Gallogly, President of the university, brought the idea along back in September. There’s no confirmation on when the beer sales run will begin, or if it will begin at all. The Board of Regents plans to visit the idea again later on before the year is out.

Alcohol, however, has long been banned for the underage students. The liquid substance has been banned from the dorms and the stadium but on the exception of those watching the game from the luxury suites.

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