Cocktails & Homecoming: Is It Fun Without Alcohol? #DryOnTheYard

ABSTRACT:  Tonight on 100-Proof we will discuss can homecoming be fun without alcohol? Like prom, a homecoming is an event that many teenagers believe should include alcohol.  This weekend is the SpelHouse Homecoming, which is Spelmand and Morehouse. It’s helpful for parents to be realistic about the fact that older teenagers especially may be in situations during homecoming where alcohol is present. While parents should stress that they’d rather their teenager didn’t drink, they should also have a realistic (and helpful) conversation about alcohol. Set up some non-negotiable rules with your older teenager, including:

1. No drinking and driving. Provide your teenager with options if she’s not able to drive (or her ride has been drinking). This can include a no-questions-asked ride home or encouraging your teenager to use Uber or Lyft.

2. No binge drinking. Binge drinking (drinking a lot in a short period of time) is dangerous. Not only does it lead to terrible decision-making (like drinking and driving), it can also lead to death (from alcohol poisoning). Talk to teenagers about moderation.

3. Different rules for younger teenagers. The younger the teenager, the more proactive parents should be about keeping a teenager away from alcohol (setting a curfew, asking whether an adult will be present at dinner or an after party, calling to make sure, etc.). That’s because the research is clear that the younger the teenager, the more harmful alcohol is to the developing brain.

Scenario: If your female friend is very tipsy (not drunk) and decide to go back to a hotel with a male alumni.  What would you do? Do you let her go alone?