September 04

Bye-Bye, Hangover: Cool off this summer sans booze with trending zero-proof drinks for grown-ups.

Zero- and low-proof cocktails are having a moment. We love sipping our way through bottles of rosé in the summer, but let’s be honest: It’s hot, and sometimes you need a break from the booze. Now’s the perfect time to try out this trend, and bartenders around the city are getting on board.

Gone are the days that people who aren’t in the mood for a drink are relegated to a Coke—or, worse, a Shirley Temple—thanks to bartenders flexing their creative chops. Now, instead of keeping booze-free drinks an off-menu request, they’re getting their own space on bar menus. Take the newly opened Punch Bowl Social (@punchbowlsocial) in The Battery Atlanta, for instance, where National Beverage Director Patrick Williams dedicated an entire section of the menu to these in-demand sips, with four zero-proof cocktails in addition to juices and craft sodas.

So, why are these beverages suddenly so popular? The short answer: millennials. With a penchant for all things craft, millennials have created a push for better non-alcoholic drinks. Williams isn’t surprised by the rise of boozeless tipples. He says, “There’s so much work that goes into the ingredients of a cocktail outside of the booze, and I think more mixologist types are working with such cool ingredients that it’s almost a no-brainer.” Just like a cocktail, zero-proof drinks should be balanced and punched up with flavor.