August 22

‘Next 10 years will be Bacardi’s best’, says CEO

‘Next 10 years will be Bacardi’s best’, says CEO

According to Brand Champions data, Bacardi rum’s volume sales have been in decline for a number of years, and in 2017 fell 2.7 percent to 16.8 million cases. In 2013, the brand sold 19.1 million cases.

Speaking to The Spirits Business, Mahesh Madhavan, who became CEO of parent company Bacardi Limited last October, said frequent changes in top management, including CMO roles, resulted in inconsistent brand strategies that hampered Bacardi’s performance.

He said that to remedy this, Bacardi’s new ‘Do What Moves You’ campaign will “remain in place for the next 10 years”.

Madhavan added: “That’s why I keep saying that our next 10 years will be our best 10 years because I want our teams, companies, partners and customers to know that we are going to have the same set of leaders diving the same strategies for the next decade.”