August 20

Cocktails and Attorneys

Lawyers play a very important role in our society and individual lives. As liaisons between citizens and those who hold power can change lives in addition to laws, the profession is respected. Attorneys find themselves wedged in the midst of other people’s issues on a daily basis, which is a tremendous amount of pressure.

As a result of this stress, are lawyers more prone to alcohol use and abuse? According to a study conducted by the American Bar Association and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, one in three practicing lawyers is a problem drinker, where as many as 28 percent of lawyers suffer from depression, and 19 percent show symptoms of anxiety.

Do the feuding of couples, the fate of families, and the prosecution or defense of clients being hinged upon an attorney’s performance drive them to wash away the intensity of the day with a drink? 

On this week’s episode of 100-Proof Radio, our host Je Wesley Day will explore what most Lawyers experience on day-to-day accounts, and how this contributes to the mix of their cocktails.

Gia Compton, Esq

Gerald A. Griggs
Attorney, Activist

Warren Sams