Cocktails & Realtors: Learn To Craft Your Own Cocktail At Home. #ComplimentaryCocktails

Become A Bartender In Your Very Own Kitchen!!! 

We are excited to explore a new concept of relationship building with you through “The Academy”. This is where 15 to 30 professionals will attend a hands-on bartending/mixology event so that our target market can learn more about bartending in their own home. We would like to invite you to host this event in your model home (new construction), within your HOA community center (clubhouse), or within the confines of your own home (with guests exclusively invited by you).

Our demographics of 150k followers are made up of diverse, young urban professionals between the ages of 25 – 45 and has the average income of $95,000 annually.  Mostly of our followers enjoy entertaining at home, consume 3 to 4 drinks weekly, are registered voters and they aspire to become homeowners within the next two years.

ABSTRACT:    Atlanta became the booming city of the south based on its nightlife, in part. However, the nightlife has been scaled back with strict laws, policies, and procedures forcing consumers to entertain more at home or community clubhouses.   We will invite young professionals to come to a hands-on class that will be hosted in the kitchen of your model home, clubhouse or your personal kitchen to get everyone acquainted with becoming their very own home mixologist.

During the class participants will learn how to make one cocktail, in addition to receive product knowledge and drinking etiquette tips. Participants will learn about liquor quality, garnishments, and products needed to have a small or large bar at home, as well as storing and making chasers.

Before the class begins we will register participants to learn who would like to take a tour of the home or community. If in your personal home, registered guest will have the chance of winning 50% off hosting their home “Academy” party for registering. Either way, after the 60-minute bartender course, participants will be invited to network for another 60-minutes amongst each other and the hosts of the community or new construction.

Ideal Hosts: Home Developers, Leasing Agents, Realtors , or Private Home Owners

Moderator: Property Manager, Realtor, or Private Home Owner

Instructor – Je Wesley, founder of Cocktail Chronicles

Special Invited Guest:  Loan Officer who works your community would be a great guest to have on deck for new constructions

The Event

Where:  Your Model Home, Community Center, or an individual’s personal home

Time:  Any two-hours that you select. We suggest slow days in the community. Or this can make for a great flair to any personal gathering or birthday party in anyone’s individual home dwelling.

Cost: $15 per person to cover the cost of the class, which include supplies to make drinks hands-on and the actual alcohol to taste what you create.

Number of guests expected to attend: 15 – 30  (Depends on the size of the kitchen) for the model home or clubhouse. Personal home gatherings are recommended to stay under 10 people.

The Event Organizer: Cocktail Chronicles is an online multi-digital media publication with over 150,000 followers. The mission is to empower consumers with their beverage choices.  We do that through daily online articles, weekly video blogs, monthly live conversations on-premise and our new edition of the ‘Cocktail Chronicles Campus’ to provide awareness and safety on College campuses.

Je’ Wesley, the founder of Cocktail Chronicles has over 15 years of experience working in the bar and restaurant industry. He started working at restaurants on the West Side of Chicago at 13 years old, moonlighted in nightclubs of New York City and Houston, TX while maintaining a corporate management position, then opened his own restaurant/bar (OrganiX) in Atlanta, Georgia from 2011 thru 2013.

We would love to come out to your community to discuss the event in more detail. Please let me know a time once you have spoken to the marketing manager.

Kind regards

Je’ Wesley Day

Founder & Executive Creative Director