July 22

Barcardi, Lonley Whale joins forces to eliminate plastic straws #TheFutureDoesntSuck

Hamilton, Bermuda-based Bacardi Ltd. and Seattle-based nonprofit Lonely Whale have joined forces to help rid the environment of single-use plastic and eliminate one billion single-use plastic straws by 2020, the companies said. There focus is on bringing forth courageous ideas that positively impact the health of the world’s oceans. Their campaign is titled hashtag #TheFutureDoesntSuck.

“Engaging our accounts and our consumers in the reduction of single-use plastic is a critical next step in helping to put an end to plastic pollution,” said Rick Wilson, senior vice president of Corporate Responsibility for Barcardi, in a statement. “Single-use plastic items are among the most collected pieces of trash in our oceans, and we are urging our consumers to add ‘No plastic straw, please’ to every drink order so together we can make impactful change.”

“In 2016, Bacardi led the drinks industry with the first #NoStraws campaign focusing on eliminating single-use plastic straw from its cocktail. In 2017, Lonely Whale amplified this early leadership, creating one of the most celebrated global movements around the single-use plastic straw with our Strawless Ocean initiative to remove 500 million plastic straws from the U.S. waste stream,” said Dune Ives, executive director Lonely Whale, in a statement.

“Now in 2018, we celebrate the combined power of Bacardi and Lonely Whale to reduce the single-use plastic straw population by one billion by 2020 in what we believe will become one of the most impactful environmental campaigns of this decade,” Ives added.

The hashtag #TheFutureDoesntSuck kicks off in London, England, where the rum brand and Lonely Whale will mobilize consumers and businesses to work together towards the goal of achieving a radical reduction of single-use plastic straw consumption throughout the city.

To join the global campaign, visit http://www.thefuturedoesntsuck.org. There, individuals can declare their commitment to ensuring hashtag #TheFutureDoesntSuck by committing to go plastic-straw free and recruit restaurants, hotels, bars and other venues. Establishments also can register their commitment and challenge others to do the same, the companies say.

For more information about this campaign visit: https://www.bevindustry.com/articles/91300-barcardi-lonely-whale-join-forces-to-eliminate-plastic-straws