July 20

Cocktails and Tequila: Do All Tequilas Taste The Same? #SaltAndLime

Many people think all tequilas are the same. However, as with whiskeys and rums, tequilas come in a variety of styles, from unaged “blanco” to lightly aged “reposado” to deep amber-hued “añejo” and “extra-añejo.”

If you are usually just grabbing your agave spirits from the bottom shelf at the liquor store, assuming most tequila is the same is pretty normal. But if you set your sights up a shelf or two, you’ll discover a whole new world of tequilas, ranging from sweet and vegetal, to rich, oaky and spiced.

On Tuesday, July 24, our host Je’ Wesley Day will lead a healthy, mature and fun dialogue with tequila insiders. The premise of this conversation will be discussing the myths of the famous spirit and what better day to discuss this topic than National Tequila Day.

This week’s guests include:

Ben Carter
Vice President of Sales, Talero Tequilas


Donald Ferguson 
CEO, Teeqlife


This week’s sponsors include: