July 13

Cocktails & Food: How Do I Infuse Alcohol With My Food? #ThePerfectPair”

There is truly a science when it comes to pairing alcohol with food. Certain drinks and certain foods pair very well, while some pairings could actually do more harm than good. It is very important to pick drinks with characteristics that contrast the flavors in your food, ultimately creating the perfect pair.

On Tuesday, July 17, 100-Proof Radio with Je Wesley will have a healthy, mature and fun dialogue with cocktail insiders about how to pair your foods with alcohol. We will also discuss how to infuse alcohol into your cooking. Having the perfect drink is always great, but what are the rules for pairing food and alcohol? Is there really a red wine versus white wine rule, when it comes to meats, pasta and even dessert? What pairings do you go with what your taste buds are craving or do you stick to the golden rules of drinking? 

Tuesday’s guests include:

Eric Dukes, Chef
The House of Food Private Chef and Catering

Shakina Jones, Owner

Anthony White, CEO
Windell’s Seafood