July 10

Cocktails & Suicide: How Does Alcohol Impact Our Mental Health? #Tipsy&Depressed

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, and as we know over the last few months we have experienced a tragic amount of suicide in the United States. More people are becoming depressed and seeking ways to cope.

Alcohol and depression have been connected to each other since the beginning of time, and after all, alcohol is a natural depressant. When used properly alcohol should loosen tension and lighten the mood, but more times than often alcohol can make any case of sadness worse.

Tune in live this Tuesday, July 10 at 9 p.m. (EST), where our host Je Wesley will lead an open dialogue about the importance of mental health and suicide with Mental Health Insiders!

On Tuesday, July 10, 100-Proof Radio Show we will be having a real conversation about “Cocktails & Suicide: How Does Alcohol Impact Our Mental Health? #Tipsy&Depressed”. Have you ever had a bad day and drank a glass of wine to relieve some stress? Have you ever gotten drunk with the purpose to forget? When you are sad or lonely do you turn to alcohol to deal? Or do you often find yourself drinking alone? On this episode of 100-Proof Radio Show, we will be having an open dialogue about the importance of Mental Health especially within people of color.

We will explore the ways alcohol impacts your moods and how we consciously or unconsciously use alcohol to cope with our pain. Whether we know it or not alcohol has it’s way of shifting our moods causing us to react in a sometimes irrational manner. Therefore, be sure to tune in with a sip as we provide a safe space to discuss the harsh reality of drinking while depressed.

Lastly, we will explore does drinking make you more vulnerable to make a dangerous life-changing decision like committing suicide? For example, if someone you knew battled with mental health issues and thoughts of suicide would you be comfortable with them drinking daily? Or do you believe that if someone wanted to commit suicide they would do it whether alcohol was involved or not?

The premise of this conversation is to create a safe and comfortable space to bring awareness to suicide, and the many ways to prevent it!

Tuesday’s guests include:

David A. Wright, MD, MM, MBA, MHSA
Chief Clinical Officer at MLC Of Greater Atlanta

Kelsey Maynor
Author of “Help! I’m Talking To Myself:
50 Speeches I Gave to Myself to Keep From Going Crazy”

Dr. Kanika Bell Ph.D.
ATL Psychotherapy and Consulting Services

Que Jackson
Quentesential Branding

Tuesday’s show is sponsored by @stellardrinks, an Atlanta-based creator of dairy-free smoothies, shakes, and juices.

These raw-made beverages are vegan-friendly, Organic and always gluten-free! Sienna, the owner of Stellar Drinks, will be joining us in the studio.

Tune in Tuesday to see us dive deep into the importance of self-love and self-care. #cocktailchron #Silencetheshame #shakeitup #jewesley #rollingout #selflove #selfcare #mentalhealthawareness #minoritymentalhealthmonth #suicideprevention