July 02

Soda can cocktails: Secretly delicious drinks you can take anywhere


The law-abiding drinker is prevented from drinking in a lot of public places—in parks, on beaches, on the sidewalks to parks and beaches.

But let’s be real. Even the most honest imbiber is going to sneak a drink into the 4th of July fireworks show, or onto the beach on Labor Day. The only question is how to do so without getting a ticket.

That’s where Soda Can Cocktails come in. You start with a can of something fizzy and innocent, sip away a few ounces, and replace that liquid with booze. No one will ever know the delicious stuff you’re really drinking out of that can.

Promise to drink these responsibly (read: no driving)? Then check out these three recipes for sophisticated Soda Can Cocktails, created by Epi’s cocktail whiz Kat Boystova. Each one is deceptive in the most delicious way—even when you drink them legally on your porch.

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