June 30

Cocktails & Ladies | Do Women Position Themselves Near The Bar For FREE DRINKS? #BuyYourOwn

A woman positions herself at the bar, she may be sitting at the bar, standing, or even dancing with a few friends relatively close to the bar. A guy who may or may not be attractive in her eyes approaches her and then offers her a drink. Does She take the free drink and dance away? Or give him the time of day?

For many years women have been almost embarrassed to sit at bars alone or even in groups. However, in recent years many women have been breaking old stereotypes and ideas such as if a woman was caught anywhere near a bar she must be friendless or hoping to meet a guy.

Women all over the country have confidently found their place at the bar and are very happy in doing so. Whether it’s happy hour, ladies night, or just a cocktail for one; more and more women are accepting the bar as a happy place in society.

Tonight, on 100-Proof Radio with Je’ Wesley, our host will lead a healthy, mature and fun dialogue with cocktail insiders about women at the bar and buying or not buying drinks. Tune in live on Rolling Out’s Facebook Live at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, July 3. The premise of this conversation is to explore the world of the bar and who pays for that tab. It’s great that more women are sitting at the bar, but are they just there for free drinks?

Does sitting at the bar give women more opportunity to get a free drink? Do guys who buy drinks for women often want more than just a conversation? How much time do you give a guy who buys you a drink versus the guy who does not? Is this fair? Why or why not?

Tuesday’s guests include:

Darrin Lamar(@therossyork)

Brandee Hailey  (@Beehaileyy)

Ashley Little (@msglamorousash)
Entrepreneur Best/ Selling Author

Lisa Leventhal (@Lulu1119)
SōmruS National Brand Ambassador