Cocktails & Dating: How does consuming alcohol impact a first date? #TipsyDate

Does my sip spark your perception of me on the first date?  Does it matter what I’m drinking or how I’m drinking it that can turn the other off?  What are those turn-offs and why do they matter?

This Tuesday, June 26, at 9 p.m. (EST), 100-Proof Radio with Je’ Wesley will lead a healthy, mature and fun dialogue with relationship specialists and singles about the ease of challenges of first dates when alcohol is involved in our 41st episode Cocktails & Dating: How does consuming alcohol impact a first date. The premise of this dialogue is to explore the power of alcohol in building chemistry on the dating scene. What role does a sip play in relationship development?  

Who pays for the first date in the 21st century? Is it okay for a woman to purchase a cocktail for a man? What happens if the female orders multiple stiff cocktails and maintain her composure, such as bourbon on the rocks? Does that change a man’s perception of her on a first date? If a man drinks a sweet drink (apple martini / mai tai / amaretto sour), does that lessens a females attraction to him on a first date?

This week’s guests include:

Chanel Scott (@cheministrypromo)
Founder, CheMinistry

Jeffrey Timms (@jeffreytimms)
Bartender, Bureau Bar – Chicago

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