June 18

Cocktails & HR: #MeToo, Women, Men & Alcohol In The Workplace? #TipsyTouchy

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt a little too tipsy in front of your boss or seeing your boss too tipsy in front of you? Did you know how to handle yourself? Or have you ever been around a colleague who was a little too drunk and it made you a little uncomfortable? This Tuesday, June 19, on the 100-Proof Radio Show with Je’ Wesley Day, we will be discussing the proper way to handle any of these situations. Tune in live at 9 p.m. EST on Rolling Out’s Facebook page! 

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Human Resources departments have a much tougher role in modern days as companies are held more accountable to be socially responsible with respect to hosting office parties and gatherings that involve alcohol.

In addition, more grassroots and tech companies — especially those that employ a large constituency of millennial professionals — now have to navigate cultures that allow for drinking in the office on Friday afternoons. As a result, it is imperative — perhaps now more than ever — that employees know the proper drinking etiquette for drinking on the job and, when entertaining clients, how to close the deal.

On this week’s episode of Cocktail Chronicles’ 100-Proof Radio Show, our host Je’ Wesley will lead a healthy, mature, and fun discussion about  “Human Resources: How Does Alcohol Impact The #MeToo Movement? #TipsyTouchy #TipsyAtWork” Tune in live on Rolling Out’s Facebook page!

“Our purpose is to dispel or confirm myths about alcohol and drinking on the job,” says Day, who believes that consumers who are better informed about what they are drinking, helps them to feel like they are in control of their lives. The knowledge Day and his guests shares also give listeners an opportunity to make better and healthier choices.

This week’s conversation will explore the written and unwritten rules of managing one’s behavior at office events, as alcohol can make some more relaxed and cross boundaries. Whether innocent or not, poor alcohol management can make others feel uncomfortable.

Lastly, we will explore if your drink choice increases or diminishes your power. Does your sip dictate your respect level by others? For example, if a woman executive prefers to drink bourbon on the rocks. Does that earn her more respect from the men and women at the table? Likewise, what if a male executive enjoys drinking a sweet or fruity-flavored drink? Will that lower his image of power unconsciously to others at the table?

Be sure to tune in with a sip to learn the spoken and unspoken rules of drinking in corporate America to avoid becoming a #MeToo statistic.

This week’s guests include:

Chantel Mullen (Twitter: @chantellym)
Education Law Attorney

Heather McCollum (Twitter: @mybetterhr)
Human Resource Director, Cocktail Chronicles


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