Michael Jordan slammed for looking like a lunatic carrying Tequila bottle

Michael Jordan spotted in Manhattan carrying a nearly empty bottle of tequila. (Twitter)

NBA legend Michael Jordan was slammed on social media for looking drunk and deranged on the streets of New York City’s Manhattan borough. He had bloodshot eyes as he clutched a mostly empty bottle of Tequila while reportedly carrying a box full of the potent liquid.i

Jordan was toting a box that had “TEQUILA” printed on the front, reports The Sun. The adult beverage, which is originally from Mexico, usually contains an alcohol content of around 38 percent.

Perhaps Jordan was celebrating a milestone. On June 14, 1998, Jordan won his sixth and final NBA title and a record-setting sixth NBA Finals MVP. As soon as the Wilmington, North Carolina, native stepped out into the streets from his hotel, a herd of fans and onlookers stampeded over to interview him and get his autograph.

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